Examine trends, identify core comments, and monitor corporate sentiment using the data visualizations, customizable watchlist, and alert features in the Prattle Equities user portal.

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Receive real-time alert emails or mobile push notifications for specific companies selected using the portal watchlist feature or Prattle Equities app.

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Seamlessly integrate sentiment data and metadata directly into your quantitative trading models using Prattle’s RESTful API.

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Why Prattle?


Our software analyzes communications the moment they drop, delivering scores instantly.


Our scores draw upon the sum of a bank’s or company’s communications throughout history.


Humans are biased. Our technology is error-free, unemotional, and objective.


Models can’t act on essays. Our signals are directly tradable.

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Improves Investment Approaches


Use Prattle’s web portal and mobile app to monitor trends, anticipate market movement, and identify key language.


Integrate Prattle data directly into your quant trading models using our API.

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Language Quantified

Prattle’s proprietary technology analyzes the historical market responses to the language used by central banks and corporations to develop a unique lexicon for each organization. New communications are then evaluated based on linguistic patterns to identify their likely market impact.

Prattle uses algorithmic analysis to evaluate the relationship between central bank or corporate language and the market.

With a tailored lexicon, Prattle scores the sentiment of subsequent communications by that bank or company. These scores indicate the market impact communications will have.

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