What is Prattle?

Prattle provides sentiment data that predicts the market impact of central bank and corporate communications through an interactive web portal, email alerts, and an API.

This real-time, unbiased, and directly tradable data suite covers 20 central banks and thousands of companies.

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How is it used?

Discretionary traders use Prattle’s web portal to anticipate or spot macroeconomic trends.

Quantitative traders build strategies with Prattle’s data, integrating it directly into their models.

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Why quantitative signals?


Our software analyzes communications the moment they drop, delivering scores instantly.


Our scores draw upon the sum of a bank’s or company’s communications throughout history.


Humans are biased. Our technology is error-free, unemotional, and objective.


Models can’t act on essays. Our signals are directly tradable.

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How is it made?

Prattle uses algorithmic analysis to evaluate the relationship between central bank or corporate language and the market. With a tailored lexicon, Prattle scores the sentiment of subsequent communications by that bank or company. These scores indicate the market impact communications will have. Read Our Primer

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