Scoring Asia: The Unheralded Billion-Person Economy

  • Friday, December 4, 2015

While the financial media has been busy with the an easing ECB and a hawkish Fed, numerous market opportunities have flown under the radar this week.

Our post on Nasdaq this week highlighted opportunities in Norwegian krone, but we also see another opportunity in this week’s region, Asia.

Despite also being home to a billion-person economy, India lacks the media limelight China enjoys. Signaling that inflationary pressure has subsided, the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) stellar governor, Raghuram Ragan, held rates steady. India’s economy, it seems, is on the path to sustainable growth. For FX and fixed-income traders, this development represents a clear bullish signal. The ruppee has already spiked–and we expect continued strength in Indian fixed income.

Bottom line: it may require a little extra digging, but there are often hidden opportunities in those less covered markets. And, for this week, the Indian market deserves some attention.

The Prattle Team

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