Fed, BOJ, BOE to Hold Rates, Address Global Economic Challenges

  • Monday, June 17, 2019

Welcome to “The Cyborg Analyst” by Prattle. This report provides weekly, quantitative insights on G-10 currency central banks.

The Most Important Central Bank Releases This Week
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With Fed, BOJ and BOE policy meetings clustered just days apart, this is an extremely busy week in central banking. All three banks are likely to hold rates. The Fed and BOJ will likely lean more dovish, indicating that they are increasingly likely to engage in near term stimulus, while the BOE appears likely to sound defiantly neutral or even slightly hawkish in the face of weakening economic data and ongoing Brexit risk. RBA meeting minutes and speeches are likely to reveal openness toward further stimulus down under. Elsewhere, the SNB balance of payments is likely to reveal that policymakers intervened in currency markets to avoid CHF strength, and Schembri of the BOC is likely to continue the bank’s dovish trend.

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