What is Prattle?

Using innovative textual analysis methods, Prattle provides investment decision-making solutions. Our core product, the Fed Index, is a financial markets trading signal synthesized from our unbiased, comprehensive, quantitative analysis of central bank sentiment.

The Prattle Method

The Quantitative Advantage

Prattle provides the first directly tradable, real-time, comprehensive, unbiased and quantitative signal scoring of central bank communications. Our patent-pending methodology is the next generation of deliverable macro-data indicators—giving financial professionals the quantitative edge they need to generate alpha performance.

Prattle Data Generates 80% Alpha


The BOJ Stimulus: How Prattle Predicted the Market’s Reaction

July 29, 2016

Surprising the markets, the BOJ engaged in tepid stimulus on Thursday, July 28. The BOJ did not cut rates or buy bonds, but, instead, chose meek measures: ETF purchases and increased dollar lending. On Monday, July 25, Prattle correctly predicted […]

Prattle’s Accurate FOMC Projection | Macro Minutes

July 28, 2016

Welcome to The Signal’s weekly “Macro Minutes.” Each week, we analyze the most important communications from a specific region and provide insight based on our quantitative analysis of central banks. The Fed announced yesterday that the target range for the […]

Will the Fed Hold Rates? | Macrocast

July 25, 2016

Welcome to the Signal’s “Macrocast.” Each week, we provide analysis and forecasting on the most important upcoming central bank communications. Federal Reserve Forecast: Likely to hold rates Analysis: The Fed will likely hold this week. Our projected score for the […]

Recent Media

Prattle Featured on Ultra Low-Latency AP Event-Driven Data

The Associated Press recently published an overview of its Event-Driven Data (EDD) service featuring Prattle founder and CEO Evan Schnidman. EDD is a “machine-readable, ultra-low-latency news service [that] instantly provides market-moving data and surfaces insights about breaking economic news.” Evan Schnidman emphasized the importance […]

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