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  • Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Everyone knows central banks move markets with their words. Prattle’s data is a quantitative, tradable measure of that impact. And you can try it for free.

The Prattle trial includes 6 weeks of access to…

…our interactive user portal, providing analytics and visualizations designed for you to explore, understand, and use the data.

The Prattle Web Portal

…our real-time API feed,
which integrates directly into trading models and other forms of analysis.

Backtesting Prattle on Quantopian

…our push notifications, which deliver real-time, data-driven updates about the banks of your choice.

Prattle Email Alerts

…our original content. We’ll send the best of our insightful, timely research, white papers, and blog posts directly to your inbox.

Prattle’s Macrocast

…expert consultation, including calls with Evan Schnidman–Harvard Ph.D. and central banking expert (and Prattle CEO).

…our account management team, providing you with immediate, personal attention to your inquiries and requests.

For a more detailed explanation of what Prattle data offers, read our features and benefits brochure.

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