Several Central Bank Policy Plans Hinge on ECB Tapering Timeline

  • Monday, February 12, 2018

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The Most Important Central Bank Releases This Week
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This week is less eventful than last week’s flurry of policy meetings. The only scheduled policy meeting is from the Riksbank, though several policymakers from other central banks are slated to speak. The Riksbank is likely to hold rates but signal willingness to tighten later in 2018. The bank’s tightening timeline is likely tied to the ECB’s tapering plans, and although four ECB policymakers are delivering five speeches this week, they are unlikely to clarify the timeline. The most active European central bank recently has been the BOE, where Governor Carney has been scrambling to signal willingness to tighten further after issuing a stunningly dovish statement alongside the recent rate hike. The week’s BOE Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions is likely to echo this recent attempt at a more hawkish frame.

In Canada, Lawrence Schembri will speak for the first time since December and is likely to sound slightly hawkish. RBA Governor Philip Lowe and Economic Governor Luci Ellis will also speak this week as the Australian economy continues to be weighed down by market turmoil.

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