Scoring Latin America: Cautious Optimism

  • Wednesday, November 11, 2015


While quieter than it was in September, the Latin American story line is still dominated by Brazil–the largest economy in the region.

Brazil–like much of the globe–is stuck in a cycle of tentative growth and occasional optimism. The real has rebounded–slightly–from its September numbers, but the currency remains near multi-year lows. Our Brazilian central bank sentiment (BCB Index) has captured this attitude perfectly. Oscillating between the borders of neutrality, the BCB Index’s current average is a moderately dovish -0.5:


The big question: will the Fed tightening further strengthen the dollar in relation to the real…or is that move is already priced in?

The bottom line: either way, we expect currency volatility to continue throughout Latin America for the foreseeable future (especially in Brazil).

The Prattle Team
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