RBA, ECB, BOC, Fed All Signal Wait and See Approach

  • Monday, April 1, 2019

Welcome to “The Cyborg Analyst” by Prattle. This report provides weekly, quantitative insights on G-10 currency central banks.

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After last week’s torrent of central bank chatter, this week appears relatively calm. The only G10 central bank policy meeting will be held by the RBA, where policymakers are likely to hold rates and maintain their wait and see policy stance. Fed, ECB and BOC policymakers are likely to strike a similar tone by espousing wait and see messages, though Fed and ECB policymakers may sound a bit more dovish than their BOC counterparts. All in all, it seems that the G10 central banks are easing into a holding pattern of waiting for this late cycle economy to either continue to grow or show clear signs of an impending recession.

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