Prattle Featured on Ultra Low-Latency AP Event-Driven Data

  • Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The Associated Press recently published an overview of its Event-Driven Data (EDD) service featuring Prattle founder and CEO Evan Schnidman. EDD is a “machine-readable, ultra-low-latency news service [that] instantly provides market-moving data and surfaces insights about breaking economic news.”

Evan Schnidman emphasized the importance of accuracy in choosing AP EDD as the low-latency channel for Prattle’s proprietary data.

“Our biggest concern with all of our clients who rely on our sentiment scores is making sure we have credibility and that the data we’re providing is accurate. This is why we only use primary source material for speeches and press releases, etc.

“And so in going with AP, the selection there was really based on the fact that AP has a sterling reputation for its reporting and now has the capacity to deliver data through its high-speed system.”

Read the full article here.