Prattle Chosen as One of CFO’s Tech Companies to Watch 2018

  • Thursday, May 3, 2018

Each year, CFO Magazine combs through websites, interviews tech experts, and researches a host of product categories to assemble a roster of 20 “Tech Companies to Watch.” Prattle is proud to be included on the list this year.

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Citing Prattle as part of “a wide range of technologies and products that would be valuable to finance chiefs,” the piece states that Prattle “is providing what could be characterized as “sentiment analysis on steroids.”

Adding that “Prattle’s methodology seems to be on the money,” the piece goes on to highlight the stellar backtest results from third-party research firm Lucena Quantitative Analytics:

The backtests, which factored in realistic trading conditions such as transaction costs, involved “buying” stocks of companies that Prattle scored as positive and holding them for one month before “selling.”

Applying that strategy to stocks included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the beginning of 2013 through mid-September 2017 resulted in a 112% return premium over the Dow’s actual performance.

Click here to read the full piece.

The Prattle Team

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