New Scores & A New Look: Prattle Rethinks Their Content Game

  • Monday, October 12, 2015


A few months ago, the Prattle team began publishing a set of weekly infographics. If you’ve visited any of our online platforms, then you’re probably familiar with the format of our weekly regional and individual bank scores:

North America CB Mood

We started producing these infographics to use as regular source of analysis, but there were a few complications–the most notable of these was the preponderance of neutral scores that dominated our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds. This happened for at least 2 reasons:

1. When condensed into a single regional sentiment score, the moods of multiple central banks tended to balance each other out–making the final score fall very close to neutral more often than not.

2. To protect our data, we would, as rule, round the score to an integer.

Prattle’s team has been aware of these challenges for quite some time and has had an ongoing discussion about how to create powerful, comprehensive, and in-depth content while, at the same time, safeguarding our product. In the end, we decided that precision is a vital part of our data, and it must, therefore, become a vital part of our content. Because of this, Prattle’s weekly score will now be an exact score of a single bank’s mood. And, to cope with this new level of precise, this data will come packaged in a brand-new infographic design:

North Am Score Demo

While we were feeling artistic, we also put together a new concept for the weekly communication infographic:

North Am Communications Demo

The Prattle team hopes you enjoy the in-depth blogs these scores will allow for–and the new art our team has put together.

The Prattle Team,
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