G10 Central Bank Policy on Hold Amid Economic Slowdowns, Brexit Negotiations

  • Monday, April 8, 2019

Welcome to “The Cyborg Analyst” by Prattle. This report provides weekly, quantitative insights on G-10 currency central banks.

The Most Important Central Bank Releases This Week
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If last week saw the G10 currency central banks starting Q2 with a clear wait-and-see bias, this week will only serve to reinforce that message. The only policy meeting this week comes from the ECB, where policymakers will likely signal willingness to engage in further stimulus regardless of being hemmed in by their limited policy options at the moment. BOJ policymakers are feeling similar pressure, as they too lack policy tools to deal with slowing growth. However, by only releasing a regional economic report this week, they will not have to address these concerns directly. Fed and RBA policymakers have a bit more freedom these days, since both are operating with positive interest rates that allow them the flexibility to cut rates in the coming months if necessary. Despite the challenges faced by central bankers all over the world, BOE policymakers are almost certainly in the most unenviable position of preparing to fight an economic slowdown largely caused by complete political incompetence that they can neither directly address nor directly combat.

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