ECB, BOE to Hold Rates, Signal Near-Term Plans

  • Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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The Most Important Central Bank Releases This Week
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The ECB and BOE policy meetings this week will undoubtedly be the biggest market movers, though neither meeting will result in a rate hike. The BOE will almost certainly stand pat and indicate stability. Amid persistent Brexit risks, BOE policymakers are making an effort to keep Mark Carney as governor through the transition. Meanwhile, ECB policymakers will likely signal that tapering will go as planned in the form of reduced bond purchases in October. This move to reduce stimulus will likely be coupled with dovish remarks indicating the bank’s willingness to support the Eurozone economy through any potential shocks.

At the Norges Bank, Jon Nicolaisen is likely to indicate that, despite weak growth, policymakers intend to hike rates next week to tamp down inflation and bolster the NOK. Fed policymakers are unlikely to be quite as direct, though they will probably continue to signal that a rate hike later this month remains likely. Finally, Michele Bullock of the RBA will deliver two speeches that promise to echo decreased concerns about the Aussie housing market.

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