ClearMacro Explains Prattle’s Data

  • Thursday, August 25, 2016

In their blog post “Prattle–actionable insight from automated policy analysis,” our friends at ClearMacro do a wonderful job explaining the methodology behind Prattle’s data and the value our sentiment indexes provide.

They note that “Prattle has developed the first objective and quantifiable measure of central bank sentiment….they combine classic automated sentiment analysis techniques with domain expertise and systematic analysis of historic market impact.” They also assert that this “special” methodology allows Prattle to “quantitatively assess the consequences that central bank language will have on the economy”

After digging into the methodology, ClearMacro uses our data to “either identify environments where both the fundamentals and policy are aligned to support a particular market/macro outlook, or when policy is clearly out of sync with fundamentals.”

Read the full blog here.

The Signal Team

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