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Prattle’s Central Bank analytics predict the market impact of central bank communications and are directly tradable. Prattle provides these analytics through an interactive web portal, email alerts, and an API.

Discretionary traders use the analytics to spot macroeconomic trends on Prattle’s web portal, while quantitative traders use the API feed as an input–or a foundation–for trading models. From the ECB to the Central Bank of Taiwan, Prattle provides trade signals on the tone of the biggest central banks around the globe. These versatile analytics afford financial professionals vital insight into what the biggest market movers are doing–and thinking.

Our current coverage:

The Federal Reserve
European Central Bank
Bank of England
Bank of Japan
Reserve Bank of Australia
Bank of Canada
Bank of Korea
Bank of Israel

Swedish Riksbank
Norges Bank
Reserve Bank of India
Reserve Bank of New Zealand
Central Bank of Turkey
Central Bank of Taiwan
The Swiss National Bank

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